Sunday, July 14, 2013

More thoughts of Karen

In Borneo, we were quite used to see these little lizards or geckos. They dart across the ceiling upside down to catch insects. Some times when we clean our cupboards, we find miniature eggs that looked exactly like hen eggs except they were very small. An adult gecko can grow up to six inches.

They make this gec gec sound, and perhaps this is why it is called a gecko. We didn't worry about them except the dropping really stank. Sometimes, they fought, and left their tails behind. To the environmentalists, read no further, my brothers used to used slingshots and rubber bands to shoot at the geckos. Mum would tell them off, the geckos were harmless and ate the nasty creepy crawlies like mosquitoes.

When my New Zealand Sister-in-law Karen went to live in Sarawak, she was terrified of these "ceiling baby snakes." We thought it was funny. The house was left vacant for a few years, and the geckos had grown very big.

This photo is not exactly a Marco photo, the gecko was sitting very quiet in the corner of the room minding it's own business. I was below trying to be unobtrusive as possible. It didn't stay long enough to take a good photo.
15th July 2013
When my two "Americans" kids were here last June, they were betting with each other, I think US$10  each if they could catch one.  The lizards would dart around and disappear.  After they left, then you can see so many of them resting on full sight. Sharlene took photos of them and email to them. Arlene freaks out if she sees one. 


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