Friday, February 7, 2014

Sons and daughters of Sarawak.

My ancestors came to Borneo from China in the 1900s.
My mum was the first of the clans of the Sibu Hakka born In Sibu. My maternal Grandfather Wai Kung was very smart. There was a big ceremony. My mum became a foster daughter of the Ibans of those surrounding longhouses.  A very interesting story. They protected my grandparents and all the villagers.

Today, running in the veins of their descendants are Kelabits, Ibans, Bedayus, Kenyan Kedasans,  Indians, Europeans, and different Chinese dialect groups. 

The PhotoHunt for this weekend is intricate

I am linking my blog post for Heather, whose son was murdered. They are trying to get a bill to pass Cameron's law to make eye witnesses to be responsible.


  1. Sounds like you have a fascinating family history! The outfits are gorgeous. Would they have been worn every day, or for ceremonial occasions?

    By the way, I have a couple more shots of that spider web on my blog if you're interested:

  2. I have always wanted to visit the Ibans of the longhouses. Can ask for your help if I want to visit one day? :)

  3. Wow, you have a rich family history. I too would like to visit the long house one day.