Thursday, March 6, 2014

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide on 8 March each year. Mother was the vice president of the Sarikei Women's institute.

Women have come a long way in many Western Countries. But for the rest of the world, a woman's role is still in the kitchen.

I heard this saying last week," Everyday is children's day, Everyday is men's day, but everyday is a working day for the women." You may disagree.

Helen Clark, the 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand in three successive terms from 1999 to 2008. Forbes magazine ranked her 20th most powerful woman in the world in 2006.
Helen came to our school as our MP. She was very nice and shook all our hands. She was very obliging when some of the teachers and staff wanted to have a photo taken with her.
Helen Clark became the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme in April 2009, and is the first woman to lead the organization.

 A day first declared in 1911 and designed to draw attention to the claims of women around the world for economic independence and political equality.

Women in New Zealand< had achieved the right to vote in 1893, many in Europe were still fighting for their political rights in 1911. And in New Zealand, women could not stand for election to Parliament until But all this is history.

The women's liberation movement has been and gone, and women appear to have cracked the glass ceilings in politics and business.

The New Zealand Census of Women's Participation highlights our successes: we have had two women governors-general, two women prime ministers and 43 per cent of our NZSX top 100 companies include women as directors.

And yet, all is not yet equal in the world of politics and business.

Women make up around 13 per cent of national leaders, they constitute 19.5 per cent of elected politicians globally, and within New Zealand, women made up only 9.3 per cent of all directors in 2010.

On Friday, March 2, 2012, we prayed specially for Malaysia, for the injustice in the country. I read Irene Fernandez Story. The organiser told me if I could, it would be great if I wore a Malaysia dress. I had been out of Malaysia since 1975, and become a new Zealand citizen. But my roots are Malaysian, so I wore this Nyonya Kebaya. It is the first time I wore this top, because it was Malaysian.

This year, the World Day of Prayer evening is at Owairaka/ Hosanna Harvest Church.

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