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Hai wai hua ren de Zhong Guo hun, from China to Borneo to Beyond. synopsis

海外华人的中国魂 从中国

Hai wai hua ren de Zhong Guo hun = From China to Borneo and beyond / Zhu: Chen Jie Xue ; Yi: Chen Kang Sheng = [written by] Ann Kit Suet Chin-Chan/Chen Jie Xue ; [translated by]Ting Kong Sing.

Other title: From China to Borneo and beyond.
Authors: Ann Kit Suet Chin, Kong Sing Ting
Publish info: [Auckland] : [Ann Chin], [2015]
Edition: Chinese edition.
ISBN: 9780473309626
Description: 324 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
Subject: Family, History, Chinese, Chin, Ann Kit Suet, Chan family, Kong family, 20th century, Malaysia
Language: Chinese



时间段: 1907 至 2006 的 100 年第四代华侨的 作者反映了一群中国人因为鸦片战争以及中国的激进的英国的殖民统治如何被迫逃离祖国去马来西亚。大多数人受到头猎人/当地原住民的威胁而被迫生活在极其困难的工作条件和炎热潮湿的环境下 。这些中国人不被接受为当地公民。当马来西亚从英国获得独立, 他们被视为二等公民。在 1969年发生的种族歧视暴乱事件,当地马来人与中国人打仗。这些中国人不允许返回祖国。当作者移民到了加拿大和新西兰,这些国家让他打开眼界。驻新西兰的中国人必须交一种中国移民法案通过议会而引入的£10 “人头税” (等于 2013 年的 NZD1630)。人头税之后还增加到£100(NZD18400)。作者因中国人在马来西亚和新西兰的不公平对待感到愤愤不平。这是她写书的动力,目的是为了把华侨被压迫的这个故事告诉世界和后代。“这次写作经历让我成熟,让我开始欣赏中国丰富的文化遗产。我后悔小时候忽略了学汉语,主要因素还是马来西亚的教育系统。我为了弥补错过了机会通过学习尽可能多了解关于我的家人和中国的历史。”

My Chinese edition book is now circulated in the Auckland City libraries New Zealand National Library in Wellington.

The author, a 4th generation Wah Jiao (Overseas Chinese) reflects on how a group of Chinese were forced to leave China because of the Opium war and the aggressive colonisation of the British of China. Most of the people were forced to work in extremely difficult, hot and humid conditions under the threat of head hunters/ the local natives.
These Chinese people were not considered to be citizens of the land. When the land gained independence from the British, they were considered second class citizens. In 1969, there was a racial riot where the local Malays fought with the Chinese. The Chinese were not allowed to return to China.
When the author left for Canada and New Zealand, her eyes were opened. In New Zealand, the Chinese were subjected to the Poll tax, The Chinese Immigrants Act was passed by Parliament, introducing a ‘poll tax’ of £10 (equivalent to $1630 in 2013). and the poll tax was increased to £100 ($18,400).
The author felt indignant with the bad treatment of the Chinese in Malaysia and New Zealand. This motivated her to write her book, to tell the world, and future generations that the Chinese abroad/ Wah Jiao had been oppressed.
“Writing my book helped me matured that I began to appreciate my Chinese rich heritage. I regretted growing up I ignored the Chinese language mainly because of the system in Malaysia. I made up for it by learning as much as I can about the history of my family and of China.”

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