Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sarawak Butter buns.

Photo courtesy, Kenneth Goh.

It was after my high school/ upper six before I went to Canada when I went to teach as a temporary teacher. My memory of the school were the students were very polite. I rented a room, and went to a cafe/restaurant for my meals. Sometimes I didn't go to town for my lunch. Instead I bought two butter buns and that was my lunch.

I remember the taste, it was so delicious. Fast forward to 2012, these same cohorts of students found me on Facebook. They invited me to join them for their reunion. In passing, I told them I longed for these butter buns. To my delight, they told me that the butter buns were made by one of the organisers, Francis Chen's Dad. Sadly, Mr Chen Senior had retired.

I met Kenneth Goh from a few groups on Facebook. He is not just a FB friend. He is a marvelous chef/cook and he shares  his knowledge in his blogs, and is a mentor to his followers. He has a wide knowledge of traditional food.

One day, Kenneth posted this Sarawak Butter Buns and it brought me way back to 1974. Here is his link.


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