Thursday, March 21, 2019

K for Kwong Kouk

K for Kwong Kok

The 1880 Advertisement Inviting Chinese Settlers To Sibu
Reading this blog on the advertisement by Patricia Hului, I have a strong conjecture that my great GrandFather, the late Chan Kwong Kuok@Ling Chiew @ Wan Chiong. was one of the leaders who replied to that ad.
He was born in 1870, in China died 1937 aged 70 in China,
He was a Siew Cai and was a principal in the village,
A Mr. Tong Keng Chiew founded the Kwong Nang Seng Agricultural Co. in August 1907 and appointed My Great Grand Dad to be the governor of the company. He traveled first class.
He led the second Cantonese batch, with 78 illiterate workers.. They planted 10,000 pepper vine and 100 rubber trees.
He led 4 batches, and my grandfather Kee seng came in the second batch in 1918.Women and children came on the second batch.
His legacy, he co-founded a school which is still in operation to date.
Original by Patricia Hului - February 27, 2019

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