Wednesday, August 21, 2013

ABC WEdnesday : F for flowers.

The world knows durian as one stinky fruit that the people of South East Asia eat. We also eat the flowers.

the vendor includes the sepal, they increase the bulk. You 

need to remove this tiny sticky pollen

We used to pick these from the Chief Justice Seah at Race 

Course Road. We didn't eat the sepals. We had to wake up 

at 6am to collect the fallen flowers. They turn brown easily 

and become useless.

Seems only in Sarawak, do we eat these. When I was living 

in NTU, in Singapore, the university was built on an old 

durian farm. Once, I went past the trees, and saw the fallen 

stamens. i picked some up and showed them to West 

Malaysian friends and Singaporeans, they don't know how to 
eat them. My FIL had many trees, my in laws also don't 


Fried with dried prawn and chilli, Mum cooked them in a light curry sauce.


  1. always informative, Ann.\
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. I am tempted to eat them.:)
    Such an unique dish!

  3. I remember that smell of the durian quite well. The whole pasar was full of that stench. The amazing thing was that the fruit itself was kind of delicious. Anyway the recipe you wrote down in this post looks very nice.I didn't know that you could eat the flowers!
    Wil, ABCW Team