Tuesday, August 27, 2013

My parents' wedding.

When my parents were married, it was during the war. Mum lived up the Rejang River in Durin, and Dad lived in Lanang Road in Sibu. Dad paddled a canoe with a wedding dress he borrowed from his very good friend Chew Chiong Tack's wife. 

We used to joke that she was Pochohunta paddling the canoe down and singing the Land of the Belian tree. We teased that she ran away with her man John because she didn't have a wedding photo.

(The photo is not my parents wedding. It is taken by one of his very good friends he made in Singapore., Mr. Lim Poh Chiang who owned a souvenir shop in Sibu.)
Mr and Mrs Chew Chiong Tack, wedded during the world war 2. Mrs. Chew lent her beautiful dress to my mum.

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