Friday, July 25, 2014

Hong Tian Wu, Sessile Joyweed Alternanthera sessilis 紅田烏

Hong Tian Wu 

photo courtesy
 I photographed my sis in law's herbal garden, and she uses the plant for blood cleansing. This herb is grown in Singapore and Malaysia. Because off its burgundy red color which looks like blood, the Chinese practitioners believe that it is good to detoxify our body, cleanse our blood, relieve high blood sugar and cholesterol.

My friend told me and recommended that I try it. As I am open to anything that could be good, I went to the local wet market and bought a couple of bundles and brewed it with Chinese sugar dates. I was the only one in the family daring enough to drink it.

I asked my Sister Rose, and my sis in law. They both plant them this herb in their garden.
The native Malaysians call it DAUN KURMA MERAH and they eat them as a vegetable as well as using it as a herb.

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