Friday, August 8, 2014

Photohunt Lacy

 Photo: guess who is whose aunty?

 Pretty girls in lacy dresses for a wedding. the one in white is the aunty.

This wedding gown was donated to Angel gowns. I support this, as a mother of an angel myself.

The original Angel Gowns Australia & New Zealand. We gift lovingly hand crafted Angel Gowns from donated Wedding Dresses to Little Angels who grow wings.
As a midwife I have supported families through the tragedy of losing a baby, In Hamilton where I work, parents are given every opportunity to bathe, cuddle and dress their precious baby. Some of these babies are born earlier than expected and don't fit the clothing their mum and dad may have chosen for them, or sometimes it is too hard for parents to shop for their angel baby in a mainstream shop.

A friend forwarded some information on to me about an Australian company who make beautiful gowns out of recycled wedding dresses. What better way to help than to offer this service in New Zealand. So as a group, of as many volunteers I can find, we want to provide beautiful gowns for beautiful angels.

Do you have a wedding or bridesmaids dress in the back of your wardrobe? And want to donate to enable parents to dress their angels, afterall we all deserve to go to heaven in a beautiful gown. xx

This weekends PhotoHunt is Lacy ~

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