Saturday, March 7, 2015

Hybrid North Borneo Orchid

I have posted many times this North Borneo Orchid, and this is why I am so passionate about it. The story about this yellow orchid was when we were little, my Dad grew this, supposedly bloom once every 10 years, actually it took ages to bloom, and when it did.

My siblings and my cousins who came to sleep over. We were really naughty , and we used rubber bands and paper to make bullets.
Someone shot at my father's North Borneo Orchids. We denied we did it and blamed it on the wind. My father banned them from coming again. It impacted us very much. I bought this tiny plant for my brother. 

Cousin Henry came to comfort Charles when Karen died. We brought up this story. Henry said he didn't remember. Charles kept saying that it was Henry who shot the orchid down. Henry said his shoulders were broad enough to stand that accusation.

In true honesty, it was unlikely that it was Henry or Charles who were guarding their "fort" from upstairs. It was more likely me and the younger ones as we had to shoot from downstairs. So if anyome was to be blamed, it would be me, because I was such a poor "aimer."

It was a good story, and it's our flower.  

Recently, a friend from North Borneo posted the original North Borneo Orchid. I felt disillusioned that  the hybrid was an imposer.

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  1. Children and precious pot plants often don't mix well, as your story shows, Ann...
    Lovely photos.
    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!