Monday, March 2, 2015

My Aunt Ngui/Kong Wah Mee


This is my aunt, Mum's youngest sister.  She had always been telling everyone that I am her favourite niece.

When Dad went to England to study, I was 20 months old. Mum went to tap rubber, and Aunty would cook lunch for us. Then she fed us before she went off for school in the afternoon. She told everyone she chewed up my rice before feeding them to me. It used to feel gruesome to have eaten her saliva. As I grew older, it was something of an endearment.

It was only 18 months ago, that she told me of the sacrifice she did for Mother and us, especially me. Just before Father went to England, he persuaded Aunt Wah Mee to come up to the village to help out Mother and take care of me. It was a great sacrifice because she was staying in town with our Great grand ma, a town house with electricity and running water.

Thank you Shi Hee aka 4th Aunt.

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