Sunday, February 14, 2016

Ah Kung's house.

This house is the exact duplicate of my late Ah Kung's house in Upper Lanang Rd. We stayed a few years when my Dad went to England.
One day, my siblings and I wore cardigans because it was raining. Ah Kung's out house was about 100 meters from the house. On the way back, I fell down the steep stairs, and my front tooth fell off. It was pouring with rain, and my mum wanted to look for it, and put it back. Mum was worried that it fell so prematurely, I might not grow my permanent tooth.
For a long time in school, I couldn't say the letter F.

what you see is the main house, the kitchen is another building which is attached to the main house by a roofless deck. The main idea with this deck, is if there is a fire, the main house won't be burn.

Thanks you Yi Chang for this photo. (My Ah Kung's house was taken by the Govt.)

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