Saturday, May 11, 2013

Accommodations during our reunions.

 A pool which only the brave hearts used in Autumn. A sauna in the games room which we used. We had good bonding time, we 3 older Chan girls.

 I only thought of my two men at home in New Zealand when I see the waves, the water engineer old man who would be delighted to see the waves as part of his job, and the young man, who would have loved to surf.
 View from our apartments. At night, the waves sounded and howled like a thunderstorm.
Our apartments faced the sea. We enjoyed watching surfer patrolers practising, kite surfing, fishermen, and the occasional beach comber.
Sister Elizabeth and Kallang, we went for a walk.

You walk outside the locked gate beyond the fence, down some steps and you are at the beach.  Rose and Elizabeth looking very pretty and cold.

We were just by the beach. There are some very brave Chans who swam. Henry and Jonathan went even in the morning. Kallang and I watched from the balcony to make sure they kept to the warning by Charles, swim between the flags.

Twenty years ago, we had our first Chan family reunion and celebrated Father's 71st birthday. In Miri, Henry married Elley. We stayed at the Royal Rihga Hotel, now J.M. Marriot.

Ten years ago Wayne Kalang married Rosemary, and Father turned 81. We stayed at Kingwood Hotel in Sibu.

Last weekend, Katie married Matt, Charles turned 61. Some of us stayed at the Penthouses at Surfers Paradise. The Manager Mike and Marisa were very friendly. Kia Ora, I discovered they are fellow New Zealanders.

These were wonderful times.

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