Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Reviving an old Chinese Wedding Tradition.

Katie, the oldest of the Chan grand kids researched and chose to do a very traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony. She and Matt chose to wear red. A very auspicious colour. Katie wore a Cheong sum/Chee Pao aka long dress, specially made for this occasion. Matt wore a Chinese Tunic. The ceremony was held after the Chapel wedding service and wedding photo shoot.

Katie chose to honor their deceased ancestors by symbolically offering empty cups to their photos. This is a first to me. The traditional ones I had seen as a kid was bowing to them, and bowing to the heavens and earth.

In the paternalistic society, it was always offered the to relatives of the man and then woman. You can't see it clearly here, Katie and Matt chose to kneel in front to the elders. This is Matt's parents. 

Charles and Karen's next. They are still kneeling. In Charles' hand, is an Ang Bao, or Hong Bao or cash gift. Traditionally, the bride gets a lot of jewelery.  I gave Katie costume jewelery, LOL.

Notice now, the couple are standing, My eldest sister Rose instructed us , younger siblings of Charles, not to let the couple to kneel before us. In the olden days, there were a bit of theatrics, like we shouldn't even be sitting, we should be standing if our ranking is low. See the young girl in red, she is Sharlene, she guards all the Hong Baos and jewelery Katie is given, a very important job indeed. In between Sharene and Matt is Matt's sister  Krochelle. She brings the cups of tea to Katie and Matt from me and Elley.

A new tradition, Katies' young relatives in turn offered tea to Katie and Matt who are now seated.

The Bruggys Clan

This is the Chan Clan. We traveled far and near, across the ocean, to make this a special day for Katie.

Behind the scene, Matt's Mum  Mrs Bruggy  and sister Krochelle, Margaret, Grace and Raymond had an important conference on how the procedure of the tea ceremony should take place. A very important planning as everything must be done according to protocol. Raymond was appointed to be the Tea Ceremony MC.

Behind the scene, someone has to pour the tiny tea cups and rinse them for the next round. Here my niece Emily and sister in law Elley and I, as we prepare the cups 

My niece Flora made the tea. The tea has red dates, and other items.

The ceremony was wowed by the dinner guests. You won't even get it in the movies.


  1. Tradition is a wonderful thing to honor.

  2. Beautiful shots and traditions. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  3. What a beautiful tradition! When my nephew married a Chinese girl, she wore a white dress for the ceremony and then changed into a beautiful red dress for the reception.

    abcw team

  4. a handsome couple, a good tradition.

  5. An interesting tradition. They look good in red!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team