Monday, September 2, 2013

My daughter Deb and the mud snails.

I have left Borneo for almost 40 years, and when I manage to get a trip home, I like my sister to prepare this mud snail aka Los for me.

My sister Elizabeth cooked these mud snails for me, and they remembered the time, my daughter Deb came to visit.

I borrow my facebook friend's photo because it shows better how the snails aka Los look like. To cook them, you have to chop off the end, and you suck the front bit. Some times if the morsel of snail doesn't come out, you suck the end gently, and then it will dislodge the snail, and you suck the front.

In Singapore, some call them the kissing snail, as you make the chutch chutch sound and the kissy action when you eat them.. 

  • Ann Chin This is the photo for one of my stories. Big 

    daughter who just returned from Mexico's favourite story. 

    We went to Bintangnor where my brother in law Kallang 

    was a principal. The house was dark. They bought lots of 

    local food, and there was so much that they didn't cook 

    the LOs. Someone forgot to put a cover on the bucket of 

    the Los. 

    he next morning, the Los were all over the small dark 

    kitchen. My daughter remembers finding the Los. Kallang 

    and Elizabeth remembered it too.

    Whenever I see Los on my visits home, I remember this 


    Would be fantastic of I can use it in my welcome home 

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  • Law Vun Ngee Hahaha...... Ann. During my childhood 

    years, which was much the same as everyone else in 

    Sarawak at that time, we would eat anything that we 

    could laid our hands on. l had eaten thousands of these 

    mud snails (?). The children had problem in removing 

    the soft head covers of this slimy creatures getting 

    stuck to the roofs of their mouths. We also had flat 

    races and wall climbing competitions for these 


Photo: There was a big breakout attempt in Lawas. It was pure futility. Although it was reported that no shot was fired, but I saw a pile of fresh empty shells.

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  1. this is a very interesting story. I bet your daughter will always remember it.