Thursday, September 5, 2013

Book Launch

Next month, I will be returning to Sibu, my place of birth to launch my three books.

"From  China to Borneo to Beyond." was not written by me, it was compiled by me but contributed by all my siblings and their children. It would be very unfair for me to claim all the credit.

My sponsor said, " You have brought pride and honour to Sibu for the success you have achieved. "

The launching will be on 5th October, and organised by Mr. Kong Tze Ling knows your father and sister as well as your uncle. He will be using his association, Guang Ning Association Sibu to arrange for the launching ceremony of your books on 5th October 2013.

Who else is better to help me launch my books but by my own clans people.

Here's all the 9 children my parents produced. We have done my parents and grand parents and Great grand parents proud.

Photo: and another one

Photo: hi ann is this the photo youre looking for?

                                        The Chan Family 1970 January

Back Row:
Dr Margaret Kit Yok , Ann Kit Suet, Charles Chok Kwong, Rose Kit Fon, Elizabeth Kit Pen.

Front Row:

Helen Kit Mei, Mother, (Kong Wah Kiew, Mary)Grace Kit Mui, Grand Pa (Chan Kee Seng), Father (John Chan Hiu Fei), Dr Henry Chok Khuang, Joseph Chan Chok Hiu.

In 1970, just before Charles went to New Zealand, we went to Art Friend with Ah Kung to take this photo. That was the last time Ah Kung saw Charles. He died in 1976. Mum died in 1988 in Australia, Dad in 2006 in Kuching.

I wanted to  replicate this photo, and Grace remembers that she had a biscuit in her mouth. 

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