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1953-1955 Methodist School Students' Reunion in 1997

Digging for information and historical records can lead one to surprises and even recovery of long lost friendship. This has happened to me more often than just one off occasion.

Ann Chin and I for example. She has blogged about it...and today I am using two of her photos pay tribute to our teachers and seniors who have gone before us....

Miss Hii and Miss Wong Hie Ding had contributed to the mental and academic development of thousands of students they taught selflessly throughout their life in Sibu Methodist School. They were "angels in cheongsam" (My school magazine essay).

Mrs. Deng has taught chemistry in all three languages - Chinese England and then Bahasa....Fantastic for a China born lady. She could have been one of the earliest research scientists in China but she chose to come to Sibu and to be a teacher.

I will write about Mr. William Hsu in another post.

Here's the "blast from the past" in the words of Ann Chin (New Zealand):.....

Seated on the front row : Miss Hii Siew Ding - Miss Wong Hie Ding - Mrs. Deng Yuk Chi - Mr. John Chan
The banner reads : Sibu Methodist School Senior Middle Three 1953-55 Same Class Mates
42 nd Anniversary/Reunion (after leaving school). 12.12.1997

This is the Senior Middle Three Class which graduated in 1955. They held a reunion in 1997 - 42 years after they graduated.

Amongst the students were
Tang Nguk Mui
Hung Nguk Sieng
Ting Yuk Yuung
Sia Yuung Mang
Wong Siong Ting (Police Commissioner)
Lau Siew Ding
Lau Poh Ging
Lau Ai Hua
Yii Siew Hiong
Yuan Suok Ding
Yao Yee Yaw
Wong Kwong Sii
Ling Tiing Choong
Ling Haw Seng
Tiong Hua Yong
Ngo Ging Choon
Tiong Swee Yew
Chong Sik Ming
Ting Ing Hoo
Wong Teck Sing
Hii Chik Huat
Wong Pang  Chiew
Ling Yew Sing
Ho Tai Siew
Ling Tiing Huah
Ho Ung Hua
Chee Siong Ming
Wong Soon Tiong
Lau  Pik Swee
Hii Hing Mui
Lau Hieng Siik
Siew Nguong Chuong
Ting Ung Leong
Tiong Cheng King
Lau Kwong Swee
Lu Yieng Sieng
Chiew Chung Yu
Tang Tuong Kai
Ngo Teck Hee
Tiong Chiong Hing
Chai Yew Sing
Ling Wei Dieng
Hu Yuk Hiong
Tiong Hua Kwong

(source : Methodist Secondary School Magazine - The Hornbill Vol 10 1979)

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