Saturday, January 18, 2014

Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok

                                                 Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok 
 At 18, Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok was a Xiu Cai (an equivalent of a bachelor’s degree). He was the only Xiu Cai in the village. Unfortunately, because the family was poor, he could not pursue his further studies to the ultimate the Zhuangyuan(状元),

Great-Grand Father was headhunted and offered the position of the “governor”, the head of this big company Kong Nan Seng Agricultural Co, in August, 1907. The directors of the company scouted Great-Grand Father because they found him well educated and an upright man of high calibre.  

When Great-Grand Father sailed, he left my Great-Grand Mother Lee Ngan Kiew back in Kwong Ning.  Great-Grand Mother Lee Ngan Kiew  remained a grass widow through out the time Great-Grand Father was in Borneo.

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