Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Father by Chang Yi

a facebook friend Chien Kai Ming found an old post of Father by my friend Chang Yi
(source : Methodist Secondary School Magazine - The Hornbill Vol 10 1979)

The late Mr. John Chan taught in the school before he left on a scholarship to study in England. He retired as DEO of Sibu and passed away in 2006 at a ripe age of 84. He is survived by 9 children who are now living in Kuching Australia and New Zealand. Amongst them I know three personally. Ann went to the Methodist School and took part in musicals like "Gypsy Baron". Elisabeth Chan played good hockey with me. Charles was a budding orator in school and is now a lawyer. The Chan children had a strong foundation in English "as they were asked by Mr. Chan to write an English composition every day and he would mark them himself....."

 This is an old photo of Mr. John Chan when he was DEO in Sarikei giving away a trophy.

 Miss Wong Hie Ding and Miss Hii Siew Ding passed away a few years ago.

In the photo is also the Late Mr. William Hsu who was my Princpal when I taught in the school (1976-1987)

Mrs. Deng still lives in Sibu.

Any further information from you dear readers is always welcome.

And I hope that all of you can have school reunions 45 years or even 50 years after you have graduated from the school.....Cheers!

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