Sunday, April 20, 2014

Clay pot saver

Facebook is an amazing thing. It  brings me back to things and people of Sibu,  the land of my birth where I left almost 40 years ago. 

Today Francis Phang posted these photos of a clay pot saver and his story which is so similar to mine.
In the 1960s, while there were 6 of us kids then, Father bought one each for us. He wrote our names at the base of it. We saved our Hong Bao money, and as children, sometimes we were tempted to buy snacks. We would get a girl's hair pin and dig the money out.

At the end of the year, Father used a hammer to break the base, so he could bank it for us.Then he sealed it with cement. There was no surprise to see some of us have more money, and some of us have less. I remember one sibling, I forgot who, refused to let us extract her money.

Later, the twins and Grace came along. By then, Charter bank gave out free plastic Donald Ducks. 
One by one, we left Sibu. After retirement, Father and Mother went to Australia. They left behind a bedroom to store our knick knacks, report cards, sport trophies.

 Alas, Father rented the house to the tenant from heir. All our stuff were damaged by termites.

Thank you Francis for this memory.

                                        The Chan Family 1970 January

Back Row:
Dr Margaret Kit Yok , Ann Kit Suet, Charles Chok Kwong, Rose Kit Fon, Elizabeth Kit Pen.

Front Row:

Helen Kit Mei, Mother, (Kong Wah Kiew, Mary)Grace Kit Mui, Grand Pa (Chan Kee Seng), Father (John Chan Hiu Fei), Dr Henry Chok Khuang, Joseph Chan Chok Hiu.

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