Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chans, 3 generations

This is a historical photo. in 1960s, my grandfather wanted to take his traditional photo of the oldest son and oldest grandson. My oldest uncle was banished by the Communist to Manchuria, my Dad the number 2 became a substitute. My bro Charles Chan was the number 1 grandson. When ever people see this photo, they think it is in the movies.

My Grandpa Luke Kee Seng and my dad survived the war. They had to do their rumushu.

My Grandpa was  in his mid sixties. He wore the attire of the official Ming Dynasty court officers. His Dad Chan Kwong Kouk was a Siew Cai, equivalent of a degree holder. I am not sure why he didn't receive a high education. His older brother did.

This exquisite attire is like a Cheong Sum gown underneath the jacket. It was very grand and not many people had one like this. This was paid for his male children, and he wore it on his 71 first birthday. Every decade, people usually have a big party. This attire was for him to wear to meet his maker.

I had gone to Canada when he died in 1976.

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