Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Letter E for exciting and exhibit. Letter W for Work.

 Exciting Exhibit. The proposed Chinese Garden in Auckland to have a Museum, Cultural complex.
 Ron Sang, Co-Chairperson and architect,
 Ron is interviewed By Lingling Liang, World TV.
 Map and plan
 Peter and Audrey Chan,
The Chinese Garden Steering Committee

Proposed site, Chamberlain park.

I attended an urgent meeting this afternoon re: Submitting a proposal to the Albert-Eden park to have a Chinese Garden. It was exciting, those attending were very enthusiastic in getting more people to sign the submission.

It's been a long journey for Ron and Kai Luey and the Steering Committee who spent a lot of time working and  drawing up plans, The Chinese people are lucky to have Susan Zhu. A lot of work had been done to get people to fill in the submission forms.