Sunday, December 14, 2014

World War 2 and my parents


It was in the World War 2.
Father and Mum were forced to wed.
It was all due to the harshness of the Japanese.
Dad went up the river in a canoe.

Fearing headhunting Ibans,
Uncle Kok Fei went with him.
To bring his bride,
They had only seen each other once.

Father said they had to be quiet,
Uncle Kok Fei was mischievous,
every now and then,
he played the drum.

Father had to hush him,
They were trying to avoid the ibans.
They were afraid of the Japanese.

Mother must have felt
She was Pocahontas.
She didn't sit in a sedan chair like a Chinese bride.

Mum went to live in Australia on the Gold coast. In Sibu, she thought Australia is very cold. First summer, she said," I thought Oz is cold, it is hotter than Sibu.

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