Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Grandpa and later Father used to trap squirrels

Our Grandpa and later Father used to trap squirrels for us .

In 2010, I did a post on 1080, now the New Zealand Government is thinking of dropping them again. In New Zealand, possums are pests. They were introduced from Australia. Enemy number one is also a threat to our  pastoral farming, because the possum is the host and carrier of a lethal disease, bovine TB.

Thanks to Reader Wil for her possum post which inspired me to do it again.

photo shows an Australian possum. This is a special possum and is protected.

My daughter knitted these garment with possum wool. They are very warm and soft..

1080 is the brand name given to the synthetic version of sodium fluoroacetate - a toxic, odourless, white powder compound, which naturally occurs in plants, acting as a powerful defence. However the synthetic version, 1080, is far more potent and kills. New Zealand is the largest buyer of 1080 in the world, using over 80 per cent of the chemical produced.
1080 is distributed in laced bait via ground and aerial application by the Department of Conservation (DoC) and the Animal Health Board (AHB). It is mainly used to kill possums, however other ‘pests', including feral cats, rabbits, rats and stoats, are also targeted.
1080 is banned in several countries, including Brazil, Belize, Cuba, Laos, Slovenia and Thailand, as well as in some states of the United States where aerial distribution and its use on all mammals but coyotes is prohibited.

 Possum and rat invade nest (Source: Nga Manu Images) 

When I went to Australia,
the tour guide said a joke,
In Australia, the possum there is protected.
In New Zealand, we kill them.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Nili Su 蘇霓莉 2

Nili Su  蘇霓莉 from .湖北艺术职业学院 Professional Arts Institute of Hubei 
Nili Su  蘇霓莉 is from Hubei China. Nili/Lily is here to teach Traditional Chinese instruments the Pipa 琵琶and and Ruan 阮 at Unitec.

Here Nili playing the Pipa at Mt Albert Baptist Church.

Nili Su 蘇霓莉

So pleased to befriend Nili Su  蘇霓莉 from .湖北艺术职业学院 Professional Arts Institute of Hubei 

Nili Su  蘇霓莉 is from Hubei China. Nili/Lily is here to teach Traditional Chinese instruments the Pipa 琵琶and and Ruan 阮 She is here to teach at UNITEC in Auckland.

My granddad used to say I have a sweet mouth, and make friends easily. Indeed he was right. 

When I was in Singapore, my friends say I was NTU connect before Nanyang Connect was co-founded by me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

old flower pot

I was given this Old Flower pot that came with an old expensive looking blue box. It has the name "Pedder" inside it. It is creamish in colour, and has Chinese flowers.

I have no idea where it is made. Was it made in England under the Chinese influence? It looks like a well made thin ceramics.

Do you know?

Guang Ning Miri

with my Uncle Albert Lei Fei.

Press conference at KK bookstore.

Guangning Association, Sibu Mr Kong Tze Ling, and Pengulu Kong Sen Leau

Pengulu Kong Sen Leau writing the invitation cards for me.
 Middle: President of Association Mr. kong Tze Ling. We had a pre-launch meeting.

This lovely lady helped me with the computing work.

Revisiting Guangning Citizen Kwong Ming School.

Visiting Citizen/Kung Ming school Funds raised by our Guangning people, and my grand father, grand uncles were on the school board. On the left, is secretary , my first cousin.

Revisiting the schools of the Guangning people in Sibu.

The proudest moment for us offsprings of Chan Kwong Kuok is to be welcomed back by the school to be told it was our great grand Father's legacy to co-found this school.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

a Guangning daughter
Ya!!! I found a blog of my kinsmen in Sarawak. Compiled this post specially for them.

I am Chen Jie Xie,  陈洁雪

The GuangNings.

Found a blog of my Guangning people.

Hi, GuangNing, we have a home now in Kuching, Miri and Sibu. There are Three (3) Gunagning formed in three years. and the forth Guangning is coming, that is Bintulu. after Bintulu is the fifth may be Limbang.

Association is an asset to the country. This is a very good Tourist product. Association as a tourist product.  A study should be carried on the benefit of the association. How many tourist arrival is due to the association. The factor like the number of tourists arrival due to the invitation from association  The number of days they stay in Malaysia. The number of visitors each time they come. The location they can from around the world.

How long have the GuangNing landed in Sibu?  We celebrate 100 years on the year 2012. Therefore, It is 110 years.

Chinese New Year in Miri

Miri Chinese New Year,  My step grand Ma who is 100, and Uncle Albert Chan Lai Fei.

Lee shares a light moment with senior citizen Wong Sam Ieng, accompanied by Ten (right) and Lai (centre).
MIRI: Some 300 members of Miri Guang Ning Association and their families had a whale of a time during a Chinese New Year gathering at Boulevard Restaurant here on Saturday.
The highlights of the evening included the presentation of ‘ang pow’ to 20 senior citizens and incentives to 10 bright students.
The gathering was graced by Assistant Communication Minister Datuk Lee Kim Shin, and among those present were Mayor Lawrence Lai, association chairman Ten Chu Kiong, renowned Chinese calligraphy master Ting Nai Ho and Riam Road Secondary School principal Dr Fong Onn Min.
Lee, in his speech, emphasised the need for unity among the Chinese.
“Respecting each other and uttering well-wishes during each meeting does not necessarily happen during festive seasons. During normal days, these gestures could simply lighten up people’s day.
“Likewise, respecting other Malaysians of different races and religious backgrounds would only make the society more peaceful and harmonious.”
He said the state represented a fine example of the 1Malaysia community, and this ought to be preserved.
On the association, Lee complimented it for allocating funds for bright children of members to enable them to further their studies overseas free of charge.
“Our children is our best asset. Therefore, parents have the responsibility to nurture these young minds and personality to become great leaders of tomorrow.
“Giving incentives is a good form of encouragement to them,” he said, before announcing a grant of RM5,000 to the association to enable it to carry out its activities.

Samuel's pumpkin and why I don't eat pumpkins.

Samuel planted the pumpkin seeds and from the vine and he got two pumpkins. Not bad for a first time gardener. The bigger one was actually the second one that grew. I took it to school, and the kids had fun enacting Cinderella.

I don't eat pumpkins, and people don't understand. I am a grandchild of World War two. My parents said they had to eat so much in the war, with no salt or oil. They were scared of it.

When we were in primary school, Dad and Mum drove us to school. We drove over a bridge. There were many barges laden with pumpkins. Dad said they were for pigs.

This is why I don't eat pumpkins no matter how delicious it is.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Alphabe-Thursday. Letter V for vintage vehicle: David verses Golliath

When I was growing up, the trucks/lorries were like this. Bedford. They were strong like tanks. Yet, once, my mum in her little Fiat had a minor collision, and pull off the front bumper. How it happened, we were not sure. But when they went to court, Mother won.

Stay mellow with yellow!

Jenny Matlock