Friday, February 23, 2018

My Grand Uncle, a war hero.

My Grand Uncle Leong Hiang Kim aka Hee Kung and Grand Aunty aka Hee Po are war heros of a different kind.
In 1941-1945 they were living at upper Lanang Road. They were living in a long wooden house with many rooms. I had been there in the sixties. Little did I know they opened their house to the town people . My friend RC , a famous historian remembers as a child, his family had to evacuate from the town and they stayed with my Hee Kung. RC told me other people from the town came too.
In the town, they had nothing. At Hee Kung's , they could plant crops like sweet potatoes, tapioca and pumpkins and they didn't starve, there was plenty of Rejang River water thanks to Hee Kung's kind hospitality.
I am going to add this to my next edition of my World War II book.

Susie Pang My mum told me that story too. I’ve to get fr my mum.
Susie Pang Ann Chin I knew that big wooden house on high stilts I was still very young that time.
Susie Pang The front portion of the house was where JKR office was along Lanang Rd.
Susie Pang Ann Chin I knew that big wooden house on high stilts I was still very young that time.
Susie Pang The front portion of the house was where JKR office was along Lanang Rd.

the above conversation is by Susie Pang. Susie is the grand daughter by Hung Hang, the second child/ oldest daughter.

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We have geese stories, Margaret and Elizabeth,

not sure why this goose has feathers like this. Looks like a Sebastopol Goose, a big ball of fluff.
Image may contain: bird, grass, outdoor and natureWhat makes the Sebastopol so unique are its curly feathers, giving it that “curly perm” look. The frizzled feathers are the result of a genetic mutation and curl due to the lack of a rigid feather spine or quill. The feathers curl downwards and are up to four times the length of the feathers found in other geese.

a woman of substance, Mdm Liong

Today, I feel euphoric. I finally got an answer to a puzzle that was in my head for more than 50 years.

When I was in my early primary school, we were living at Padang road which was very near to the Sibu prison. On some evenings, after dinner, we would take a stroll among the government quarters and Father and Mother would take us to visit their friends.

The husband was LOU CHIONG, a colloquial term for Old Mr. Teo. What intriqued me was the wife we refered to as LEONG SIN SAN aka LEONG TEACHER. She was a real teacher in Chung Hua School, and was Father's collegue at the early stage of their lives.

On our way home, I was in amazement, here was a woman about Father's age and she was educated. I wonder why her father educated her. Fresh in my mind, was the family quarrel, that my Grandpa was adamant that girls had no need to be educated, and they were to be married.

I wondered more, as Mother didn't know her ABCs and this woman was a secondary teacher.

Fast forward to 2014, I was chatting on facebook with my ex colleague Lim Siew Lian, and I asked her who her mother in law is. My jaws dropped when I realised that she is the LEONG SIN SAN I admired when I was a kid.

Siew Lian invited us to Mdm Leong's house this morning. My jaws dropped further when I saw her using the computer, and I had a lock jaw and my mouth remained wide opened in awe. Her English was the perfect Queen's English. (Before then, I thought she was a Chinese teacher.)

When we left, she told me that she was the deputy principal of Chung Hua Secondary School. She is Leong Soong Foong, and in her humility, she said she was the assistant of Dato Wong Soon Koh, the  Minister who was the guest honour of my book launch.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

building qualification

In the old days, being a builder doesn't need to be education. Grandpa teased a cousin to become a construction worker since she was struggling in school. Now you need a degree.

Manukau Institute of Technology
Are you ready to move into the role of a construction supervisor or manager?
Already have a building trade-related qualification and want to move into a supervi...
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Option to study part-time in evening classes, one night a week, at MIT Otara.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

kindle ordering your book

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