Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Roger Cheng and his men.

Roger Kee Cheng
Born 16 May 1915
Captain RK Cheng Portrait.jpg

Service/branchRoyal Canadian Corps of Signals

I finally have contact with Madeline the daughter of Roger Cheng. So happy I could tell her a part of her dad's life that was not told to her because much of Roger's war effort was a secret.

When Grand dad and Dad mentioned of their hero, Captain Fong. He was a very Tall and Big man. He was taller than the white soldiers under him. When I was writing my book, I tried to analyze this Tall tale. I thought of Yaw Min who is 7 ft 7, and closer to home, my husband who is 5ft 11, and my daughters who are 5 ft 10 and 5 ft 9, my son 5ft 91/2.  So the  story of Tall Roger is not so tall after all.

I showed my husband Roger's photo while we discussed China's new big man Taishan. He is a boxer and is 7 ft.

You can see for yourself that Roger is pretty tall in the group photo. Wish he was standing up.

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