Monday, November 10, 2014

wheat bags

waist pouch which can also used over your shoulder.

I made these wheat heat bags. They are good hot or cold for thermotherapy uses. I buy organic wheat from an organic bulk shop. You have to make sure they are organic, otherwise when you heat them, the chemical fumes may be emitted in your micro-wave oven.

Wheat apparently maintains heat better than other grains and its insulation qualities due to its cellular structure. This means it can absorb heat or cold evenly and distributes this stored heat or cold gradually and effectively.

I have made them like a feather boa to wrap round your neck, and keep you snug and warm or relieve your sore neck. I also make a wrap for my waist. I have a sore back, and I wear it standing or sitting or lying down. They mould to the contour of the area being treated.

My family loves it especially in winter. Sam goes to bed with his "hottie."

You can freeze them, and use it as a first aid cold pack, or if you have migraine. I have made many of these bags and sent them as far as Singapore.

You can buy them online or in chemist shops but it is very expensive.

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