Saturday, January 3, 2015

Forest and my great grand father

    Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok 
 At 18, Great-Grand Father Chan Kwong Kwok was a Xiu Cai (an equivalent of a bachelor’s degree). He was the only Xiu Cai in the village. Unfortunately, because the family was poor, he could not pursue his further studies to the ultimate the Zhuangyuan(状元),Great-Grand Father was headhunted and offered the position of the “governor”, the head of this big company Kong Nan Seng Agricultural Co, in August, 1907. He led the second batch of Cantones, a group of bachelors, to Sibu. He was to lead a few more journeys, the 3rd where my grandfather came. This group including women and children.
Great Father co -founded a school for the children of immigrants. This school still exist.
 Today, my family went to a New Zealand forest. I was thinking, great grandfather would be laughing to call this a forest, compared this to the thick primary jungle when he first came to Borneo.

Photo: My Great Grandfather co-founded Chan Kwong Kuok school which we revisited. He wrote couplets for the school and school name. We we went, the school board said it was ruin through all age. I am not sure if this was his writing, I am sure he wrote in calligraphy. This looks like it is a copy, done by marker pen. Still, the original was done my my Kung Tai. Very proud of him.

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