Friday, January 30, 2015

Mushroom, toadstool Poisonous plants

What is the difference between a toad stool and a mushroom. When I was little, my grand dad said, a mushroom is plain looking and OK to eat, a toad stool is colourful but deadly.
The term "toadstool" was often, but not exclusively, applied to poisonous mushrooms or to those that have the classic umbrella-like cap-and-stem form. 

During my recent trip to Singapore, I forgot I was in Singapore and went for long walks, and I saw these mushroom/toadstool.

 I was so hot that I wanted to faint. I don't think it was due to touching the toadstools. My maternal grandma would say," Silly girl."

We grew up heeding grandma's anecdote. The whole neighbourhood ate some mushrooms except her and 2 women. They fell into a stupor coma for 3 days. Grandma thought they had died. We joke that Grandma had tried to poison her mother-in-law. Grandma would eat any mushrooms, even bought us.

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