Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sia Villa and Diana.

 This is Diana and her uncles' ancestral home. Their hospitality I will never forget. I slept in a comfortable bed, in an air con room.

This is Sia Villa,  I wish you were here with me. I am so in love with this place. As a writer, this would be an ideal place for me to be on a writing retreat. Write without disruption. yet with modern amenities of the air conditioning and hot water.

 In one of my stories, I showed a jar at the bottom of the stairs. This was in a traditional house, the ground was muddy, we had to wash our feet before we went upstairs. I was very interested to see the reflection of the rungs of the stairs in the water.
 Here  the rungs produced wavy reflection.
 I promised my Kai Sister Diana Chin I was going to write her story. I am going to do it in the style of This is the house.....

This is the house of the Sias, it remains the same as the day it was built 60 years ago. A similar but much bigger house to my grand parents. I don't have to write about its simplicity yet beauty.
 This is the handsome man, the first born of the Sia family, who swapped his uniform for adventure.
This is the handsome man who went across the sea to seek his fortune and his fair lady.
 This is the bedroom of the family home where the handsome and brave man brought his beautiful bride from Indonesia.
This is the girl whose famous story was known all round the place.
This is the girl whose birth on this very bedroom floor gives home birth an air of authority.
This is the girl, Diana, who not only survived the trauma of a home birth, but lived to go round the world.

 This is the meter wide wok and wok cover which Diana's grandma cooked with.
 This is the chimney where the smoke emitted.
 Here are beautiful water hyacinth hat covered the whole creek. 
 This is the soldier who guards the estate.
 This would have been a nice convention centre. With the architecture of an open air, there is breeze from all corner, and saves on power to run the air conditioning.
 These are the chairs that are waiting for you and me.
 This is the playground that Diana's kids would have loved playing, but they live overseas.

 This is the coconut tree and many others whose juice quenched many a thirst, especially on that 6th July 2012, to those who had come all the way from Canada and New Zealand.

 Here are more coconut groves.

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