Thursday, November 26, 2015

Dad and us bonding: Chinese Chess

The kids play International Chess. No matter how they teach me,  I just cannot play it.

Perhaps I am resting on my laurels that I once was the runner up of the Sibu Women Chinese Chess. Yes, you read it correctly. I even got a gold medal. It was the real McCoy, nothing like fake gold or plated gold. At the medal presentation, they treated us to a banquet dinner.
Occasionally, I still play Chinese Chess with Sam. Usually I let him take one or two seeds before we start. Sam picked it up the game  very fast, so did niece Ruth in Kuching.
The nieces and nephews in Kuching have a good coach, my bro-in-law Min Sen. I don't know how long I can hold on to the title of the Champ.
This was a bonding time for us when we were kids and with Dad. At one time during the holidays, we played a lot. Once, Dad was siding with me against Charles. Dad check mated Charles, and Charles was astounded that he had lost. Dad quickly mixed up all the remaining seeds. He quietly told me, that Charles had a chariot (equivalent to castle) and we would have lost. It's really funny, it was Dad and my secret until I rehashed it when I was writing my book"Borneo". Charles said, he was surprised that Dad could do such a sneaky thing.
It's good to have something to spend time with the kids. They will remember the good memories even when they have passed half a century.

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