Sunday, June 21, 2015

John Chan Hiu Fei's family photo.

This photo was sourced by the Publisher WW Norton & Company to be in their Book: Biology Now.

The Chan Family 1970 January

Back Row:
Dr Margaret Kit Yok , Ann Kit Suet, Charles Chok

 Kwong, Rose Kit Fon, Elizabeth Kit Pen.

Front Row:

Helen Kit Mei, Mother, (Kong Wah Kiew, Mary)Grace
Kit Mui, Grand Pa (Chan Kee Seng), Father (John

 Chan Hiu Fei 陳鹞飛/陈鹞飞), Dr Henry Chok Khuang,

 Joseph Chan Chok Hiu.

Every now and then, I find friends from yester-year. I repost the photos for them.

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