Thursday, October 1, 2015

The durian tree

My friend Ahmad Faizi‎ of the Malaysia Gardeners posted this photo and it is just right as a pictorial description of a story in my new book, "WW2".

There are many stories about Durian, our revered King of fruits.

How do I describe the fruit. It's like a good thick custard. A good fruit is not just sweet. It should have a touch of bitterness. The best way to eat durian is to squat on the floor.

Most Europeans and China citizens do not eat durian, they can't stand the smell of it. The aroma indeed is so strong, that it is not an understatement that it smells like s***. There is a saying, if you like durian, you will come back again.

I had written the Japanese set up their Camp at Lalang Road aka Tai Kuon Road, One night there was a terrible storm. The little durians fell and pelted the Japanese. The Japanese thought it was the grenades. The storm got worst, the bigger durian fell. The Japanese thought they were canons. It frightened the hell out of them.

Thanks Ahmad for your photo. I teach high school and university students "How to write."  I told them to be observant. Your photo came at the right time.

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