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Remembrance_Day and Captain Roger Cheng

The Fort Sylvia (Malay: Kubu Sylvia) is a historical building located in Kapit town in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia. Built in 1880, it was renamed after Rani Sylvia Brooke, wife of Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke, in 1925. photo: David Lau.
Captain Roger Cheng Aka Captain Fong parachute down to Kapit with four other Canadian Chinese soldiers. It was into this situation that 29-year-old Roger Cheng and four other Chinese-Canadians, Jimmy Shiu, Norman Lowe, Roy Chan and Lewis King, were flown on August 6, 1945. Cheng was the first Chinese-Canadian to become an officer in the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, a rare accomplishment in those days. He was an electrical engineering graduate from McGill University and spoke fluent Cantonese, making him a natural to head this team.

From Kapit he led the Allied soldiers to liberate the people from the Japanese Occupation. What is special to me is the Japanese Camp was ten minutes from my Grandpa's house. My grandpa and my dad were privileged to witness the surrender.,_Roger_K

Roger Kee Cheng served as a member of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals during the Second World War. He saw service in Ottawa prior to undertaking commando and guerrilla training for his subsequent service in the Molucca Islands and Borneo.

The federal department of Veterans Affairs Canada states that the date is of "remembrance for the men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace"; specifically, the First and Second World Wars, the Korean War, and all conflicts since then in which members of the Canadian Armed Forces have participated.[14] The department runs a program called Canada Remembers with the mission of helping young and new Canadians, most of whom have never known war, "come to understand and appreciate what those who have served Canada in times of war, armed conflict and peace stand for and what they have sacrificed for their country."[15]

Roger Kee Cheng
Born 16 May 1915
Captain RK Cheng Portrait.jpg
Service/branchRoyal Canadian Corps of Signals

Chan Kee Seng, born 1882 in China

The most important thing that came out of writing this book is confirmed research from Canada validated my Grandpa and my Dad's narration of Captain Fong. Captain Fong is not a figment of their imagination. Captain Fong aka Roger Cheng was the Captain from Canada who parachuted down to Kapit and led the Allies at the surrender of the Japanese.

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