Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Book review, World War II

Book Review by Helen Wong    New Zealand Chinese Association > Newsletter 2016 -  

World War II in Borneo, Tales of my Grandpa
It is the anniversary of 70 years after the end of
the WWII

This book is divided into 2 sections, Section A is the
facts of the WWII in a village in Borneo. It has the
records of a case study of a villager who were taken to
Burma, suffered but survived to claim from the
Japanese, and Captain Roger Cheng from Canada
who led a troop to liberate the villagers from the
Japanese Occupation

Section B is fictionalised recounts of the villagers
during these four years. It is fictionalized because the
survivors are dead now, but they left behind rich oral
stories. These are the stories of my ancestors.
The most important thing that came out of writing
this book is confirmed research from Canada
validated my Grandpa and my Dad's narration of
Captain Fong. Captain Fong is not a figment of their
imagination. Captain Fong aka Roger Cheng was the
Captain from Canada who parachuted down to Kapit
and led the Allies at the surrender of the Japanese. 1
Ann Chin is an author of several books, all drawing on
personal experiences. If you have an interest in the
Japanese War and the Borneo experience, this is a
must read For enquiries  ISBN: 978-0-473-339005

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