Friday, February 13, 2015

A Canadian Documentary,

My book attracted the attention of a Canadian Movie maker. He has invited me to help in his research, and use my book.

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  1. I always wanted to tell this story but haven't gone round to telling it. In my local council library, the woman librarian was quite strict She fined kids 10 cents per day for being late.

    I started borrowing books when I forgot to return it, and I left it, and accumulating to a few dollars fine. I was afraid to go to the library when I found it.

    One day, my dad says come with me to the library, I am going that way. In tears, I told dad I owe the librarian too much money. Dad offered to explain to the librarian.

    It turned out, the librarian was my dad's student. She waived the fine saying it was better I returned the book and continuing borrowing books.

    Whew!!! I never go to know was it my dad's friendship or she would have waived the fine.

    Today, the local council libraries circulate my books.LOl