Wednesday, February 4, 2015

My Dad and his friend Jetie Ambin.

My Dad when he was young, with other Divisional Education officers. There were 7 divisions in Sarawak.

It was through very strange circumstance that I became Jetie Ambin's facebook friend.

We both belong to the Foochow forum, though he is an Iban and I a Cantonese. There was a thread about our Rejang river, and we both commented a creature which he had identified as a manatee and me the Malay name dugong.

To make the story short, he knew I was my father's daughter from the day I launched my books. I am just so elated to meet my dad's friend. Coincidentally, my father taught him in Methodist school in 1956, and I went to the same school, Methodist school in Sibu.

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