Thursday, February 26, 2015

ABC Wednesday letter G

Good friends Messrs John Sciacaluga and John Chan attended in St Mary's College in Strawberry Hills, London in the 50s John S came from Gilbrator, John C (Dad) from Borneo/
They were best mates and became lifelong educationist. They remained in touch. My Dad talked so much about John in England .

My Dad visited them in 1989. They had so much to talk. They had so much

John will be 100 years old next week. My Dad did not make 90.


  1. I wish I had these crumbled albums of postcards. My Dad went to England when I was a kid, he sent postcards back to us, as a teenager, I assembled them nicely,

    Alas, I went abroad,
    Alas mum and dad went abroad to another country.
    They had tenants from hell.
    Termites came and ruin everything.