Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vietnamese rice paper roll.

First you soak the dry rice paper disc in warm water. Do not soak too long, otherwise they will disintegrate.

When they are just pliable to fold, you make your roll. Experiment a few times, don't worry if they break apart.

The Vietnamese are famous for their rice paper rolls. It is not deep fried so it a welcoming change especially to the health conscious people. Richard in one of the Top Chef competition served this to the policemen.

I was introduced to this by the real McCoy Vietnemese as I made friends with refugees in Auckland in the early 1980s, and later in NTU, wives of lecturers who became my good friends.

During the pre Christmas morning tea at church, I made these, a vegetarain version. Indeed, a big change from the sweet and more sweet Christmas goodies.

***Usually, you serve this as a dip with a lemon, chilli and fish sauce. The fish sauce is quite strong to a Caucasian palate, so I miss this out.

The rice paper comes from Vietnam, you can buy similar Thai ones. ***

I am very proud that my family is open and have married different race. This is for you, Helen and Michelle

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