Thursday, June 19, 2014

FSO High above, Facing Straight and Down Below

 we had a bad storm, looking up.
 looking forward at the beach

 Looking down and see the fallen branches

our Borneo was once full of tropical trees. But over felling has exhausted the jungles.

Jun 13: Scavenger Hunt: High above, Facing Straight and Down Below - Show us these three plains wherever you are. Take a shoot looking up (sky, ceiling, tree branches, etc), then a shot facing straight, and lastly one looking down (earth, grass, floor, etc). Optional: If you know how, you can even post a vertical panorama and stitch all three shots together! (Mersad)


  1. You posted for last weeks theme, but actually have the images for this weeks theme (beaches) as well in the post :) The beach looks very good!

    Mersad Donko Photography

  2. Ha! I also mean to post last week's theme because it was such a good one. But Mersad is right: you hit 2 birds with one stone here! :)

  3. Pretty shots, Ann! My favorite is the second one. I also love the first shot with the trees. Happy weekend to you!

  4. Always good shot Ann. I love the beach scene as it is this weeks theme.