Friday, June 6, 2014

Wild Rice Stem/Water Bamboo

Wild Rice Stem

Mum and Dad were given some of these we called Padi shoots when I was in my early teens. We dug the size of a table tennis table, and filled it with water. We also dammed a drain in front of the house. Soon we were getting money from selling the shoots. It wasn't easy because the leaves were quite sharp and "cut" our hands. Also it was an expensive item which people didn't acquire the taste of it.

It  got diseased with specks of black.

 When we moved to our new house, the land was higher, and the small drain we dug wasn't very good, The plants died.

Once when I was in Singapore, I saw and bought a pack. They didn't taste like the fresh from the garden ones we had. The family didn't like them.

I saw this frozen pack in New Zealand, nostalgia brought me to buy it but not cook it. I just wanted to take the photo.Photo: so happy to see this wild rice stem aka water bamboo. even though it is frozen. It is a plant of my youth.

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