Sunday, September 28, 2014

160 Foochow Proverbs And Idioms” by Angela Yong.

May be I grew up in Sibu, Sarawak,
May be I became a writer,
May be my dad and mum might have known her,
May be she was colleagues of my Uncle Mark. 

I am awed by her,
I admire her,
Angela Yong from my town of birth.
Angela Yong had written 8 book,

“160 Foochow Proverbs And Idioms” by Angela Yong. Yong was born in China in 1926, the year her parents migrated to Sarawak. She grew up in Sibu. During World War II, she married James Hii Mee Chiong. They raised eight daughters and five sons. James died in 1986. Yong was a former teacher at St Francis Xavier Primary School in Kanowit.

If you want more Foochow proverbs and idioms, go buy the book. I bought it for RM6.90 at Belle’s Bookshop in Miri. By the way, Angela Yong is almost 90 and has written 8 books.

Angela Yong (Photo credit The Star)
 Thanks to Lim Chin Yong for photo and resources.


  1. Hi, is there any possibility of international purchase of the book, I have Foochow in my family lineage and was wondering where I could source a copy. I live in the UK. Thank you.

  2. I refer you to lim Chin Yong and Chang Yi. There is a Foochow Forum on facebook.


    Peter Hung,

    I got details for you. Angela Yong is the mother of my classmate Peter Hii and his younger brother, classical guitarist Philip Hii. Philip organised the publishing of her books, which can be ordered via this website: