Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kong Villa in Durin

My cousin Cecila and I dub the ancestral home the Kong Villa. This is not the original house but the current one.  In the old house, the best part was the sundry shop attached to the house. There were fruit trees, a jetty, and a fish pond. It was Utopia.

When we visited either Grandfather Kong we would invade the sundry shops as though everything was free. We took pencils, rubber bands, colored pencils, erasers, rulers, exercise books, art blocks, sweets, biscuits, fishing hooks, lines and sinkers and the whole shebang. It was always a great bonanza and we had goodies galore both in our stomachs and in bags. Grandmother Kong never told us off but we were sure they were glad we did not come too frequently.
Grandmother Kong never complained, instead they always said, “Take, take, take as much as you like.”

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