Thursday, February 28, 2013

Methodist Secondary School, Sibu

This is Methodist Secondary School in Sibu.  Many of the Chan Clan have been nurtured by this school.

My Father John Chan taught there for many years until he went to England. 3 of his children went there, Elizabeth, Charles and myself. I went through the Methodist system for all my school education.

Uncle Fung Fei studied there, and his daughter Catherine Chan Meow Liang taught there and was the Senior Assistant until she retired.

Uncle Mark Wan Fei studied there when he came from China at age 14.

Cousin Ngieng Lee Lee.

Cousins Kim Sia and her siblings were students there.

Cousin Chok Dou and his wife Toh Teng Ping studied and taught there.

Cousin Kong Chui Yoke.

What a strong connection we have. If there was a function, we would occupy more than one table.

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