Monday, February 25, 2013

Methodist Secondary School

Photo: Thanks to Chang Yi

Dad seated right 2.

After the war, Dad went to study in Singapore, Mum remained in Sibu, a grass widow.

Father agreed and they rented a room at Archer road. Father went to teach in Methodist Secondary School. He was friendly with the students. He didn’t teach the Chinese school, but took care of the volleyball team. Father also taught in Tung Hua, Chung Hua and Sacred school. How he managed, I do not know.
I met some of these students on Father’s death bed in February 2006. They were his first batch of students in Kuching. They said he was a very good teacher, strict but good. He was a very brave man, he only had a Senior Cambridge Certificate and he took the challenge to teach the same level in a premium school. At that time, most of the English teachers were missionaries from USA.  Methodist school is my alma mata. Many of my teachers were his students. 

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