Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chinese Language Network (中文俱乐部)

I attended my first Chinese Language network meeting this evening. 


It wasn't what I expected.I had gone with the intention of improving my limited Spoken Mandarin and almost zilch  written Chinese. As a Child, I failed in Chinese, and the thought of learning it again is quite horrifying. Yet, I know I am a Chinese and it is right to learn the language of my roots.

I had fun tonight meeting with non Chinese friends speaking  Mandarin better than me, with Chinese like me who came for the first time. 

欢迎大家!Simple, fun, effective - Chinese Language 

Network has the edge in helping you to learn Chinese - join 

us at our Chinese Conversation Group (CCG) on Tuesdays or 

our CLN Toastmasters Club on Thursdays!

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