Friday, June 21, 2013

Little piece connects to a whole story.

Mr and Mrs Chew Chiong Tack, wedded during the world war 2. Mrs. Chew lent her beautiful dress to my mum.

 Me and my best blogging buddy, Sarawakiana, I first met her when I was 13. Last year I returned to Sibu, and Chang Yi specially came from Miri. She took me to see our teacher Miss Ida Mamora.  Thank you Chang Yi for playing such a vital role in my family's history. We won't have known if you didn't post the blog.

This is my very good friend Chang Yi's blog that connected us to Father's very good friend Mr. and Mr. Chew Chiong Tack. 

The photographer, Lim Poh Chiang, I wonder if he is my dad's friend in Singapore, who owned the Longhouse souvenir.

Chang Yi's blog showed a wedding in a boat in Flooded Sibu. I  exchanged comments.


during the war , my father went up from Sibu to During in a boat to claim my mum as his bride. I imagine it was a smaller boat, only my Uncle Kok Fei went with him.

Mum wore a white gown borrowed from Mrs. Chew Chiong Tack. Also, it was the war, and there were no photos. So looking at your photo gave me fuzzy feelings.

Have you written the story of Mr. Chew?

Can I borrow it to post a story of my parents' wedding?ReplyDelete

Ann,was tht uncle of urs with surname Chan?Was he a school teacher in Sacred Heart and a very keen fisherman as well?
Is tht Mrs Chew Chiong Tack tht runs a chinese medical store close to the Palace ?
Wht a small world indeed ....

I still do not know this Anonymous person, 

  1. Ann...Toowomba is where one of my best friends come from. She has married a Bidayuh guy (my husband's school mate who studied in Twb) and came to Sarawak in 1972. Has been here since. She has two sons now living in Australia and a daughter in Perth. She is still teaching in Miri. We had a great time. I am getting myself invited to visit again...
    I was in Ipswich where your mum died...and I will put up some photos for you if it is alright.

    Have we got "YUEN" of what, you visit Toowomba of all places. This city was the city my late mother visited when she met her accident which took her life..
  2. About the is indeed eerie how we can travel in these kinds of circles...and when I visit Auckland soon we have lots to swap...

    I loved to wade in the water in Sibu...and never mind the sewerage!! I believe I did not see any...hahahahah
  3. all means take this famous day if I have a shop I would use this photo too.....
  4. Ann...Chiew Chiong TAck...I think I have a story about the family.....wait till I get photos.


  1. a good romance story, and friendship.

  2. Lim Poh Chiang is Lim Ling Mei's dad!

  3. I am an australian photohistorian I believe Lim Poh Chiang immigrated to australia and is now deceased I would like to make contact with family to find his archive. Gael Newton