Saturday, July 11, 2015

80th anniversary of New Zealand Chinese Association

It was a double celebration. The New Zealand Chinese Association celebrates 80th year, and the launch of the book, "Turning Stone into Jade," The History of the New Zealand Chinese Association.

As the author David Fung tells of the twist and turns of writing the book, I can imagine what a monumental job he had done. I applause him for this.

80 years ago, the Chinese overseas felt very patriotic towards Motherland China, hot on the heels of the Japanese invading China, the Chinese overseas raised funds to save their motherland. I am proud my grand dad did this, and was a wanted man in Borneo by the Japanese. I am equally proud that statistically, the New Zealand Chinese raised most funds per capita.

This function is also an opportunity to meet up with friends. Percy, hope to see you kicking and playing rugby soon. A surprised meeting with Dr Andrew Chong who was my doctor for 10 years.  Connecting with Mr. Niu Qingbao, the Consul-General of the People's Republic of China in Auckland, and my previous landlord, Pastor David Yan.

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