Monday, July 13, 2015

Rasinah, president of Rotary Kuching Jaya.

 Rasinah with her older son Yameen, I remember him as a young boy.
In the mid 1977, newly returned from Canada, I went to teach in Kuching High School. I didn't know any one, and Yuch Ling came to be my friend. We became very good friend and we sometimes walked to school. 

I left in 1978 to New Zealand and saw her only once in the 90s.

Recently,  Rasinah Chai sent a friend request. As usual, I asked her a few questions  and I asked her if she knew Chai Yuch Ling, and she said she was her.

I was so happy like the woman who found her last penny. We chatted and she has become a Muslim. She shared her bereavement. To my shock, her healthy and tennis playing husband Matasan had died.

We kept in contact and recently she was installed as the president of Rotary Kuching Jaya. I am so proud of her, She has blossomed into a woman of integrity and ability.

I asked Rasinah her duties. To set up projects to help the poor n needy, especially in the rural areas. We have set up a lot of hydro projects to bring in clean water to the long houses in Bakalalang n Belaga. Smaller projects are helping rural school children with their English.

Good on you, Rasinah, I know you will make a great president. I am so proud of you.


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